The Borning Building

Spokane, WA
Selective & Structural Demolition--Spring 2007

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One of our more unique tasks was the removal of this abandoned rooftop billboard frame.  A neighboring business was kind enough to allow us use of their parking lot.  Our superintendent Dale Cook (on the right) discusses the plan with the crane crew.

Access for this project was particularly difficult.  Here in the south alley VP Matt Spencer snags a prime parking spot.  We had to sawcut some new openings high in the concrete wall on the left.


A rigger hooks up straps to the frame first.


Then the spreader bar is attached.  Matt steadies the ladder for the rigger.

The line slack is removed.


Then our crews begin disconnecting the base.  Matt (second from left) does some cutting.

Dale preps the last guy wire for disconnection.


Dale bravely holds the guy wire as a tag line . . .


. . . then wisely opts to quickly exit stage left.


We were pleasantly surprised that the whole thing held together so well.


Rotating into position.


Then the disassembly begins.


One less eyesore in the downtown Spokane skyline.


We created a large light court on the wood-framed half of the building.


We gutted the entire wood-framed half.  Here looking east onto the new light court.


That's the concrete half of the building on the right.  We sawcut new windows opening here also.


Looking west from the light court.  Our waste chute thru the various floor levels can be seen.


We salvaged some nice timbers shown staged here on the concrete side.  That's a new window opening we made in the concrete wall.  We also had to demolish the concrete elevator shaft on the left.

Top view of our convenient waste chute.


The basement was more like a dungeon.  We did a ton of slab sawcutting & removal down here, and lots of assorted demolition.

The existing columns were placed directly on native rock.


The GC must have had fun dealing with this situation.