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Selective Demolition
Brokk 250 Robot in Action
Energy Northwest at Hanford
Brokk 250 Robot in Action
Arrowrock Dam

TCS is not your average crash-and-bash whole structure demolition contractor.  We demolish selectively to avoid collateral damage and maintain structural integrity.  Safety takes top priority.

We have the experience, expertise, equipment, and personnel to perform the most difficult selective demolition projects.  In addition to staffing highly motivated and trained people, TCS owns and operates Brokk® Demolition Robots and our own sawcutting equipment.  When avoidance of fumes is critical, we can use our CoreCut® electric floor saw, hydraulic wall saws, and electric/hydraulic robots for interior work.

TCS can provide a complete package of services for almost any type of selective demolition project. Services provided include:

Selective Interior Demolition
Interior Gutting (Stripping to Shell)
Whole Structure Demolition
Concrete Cutting & Breaking
Custom Wiresawing
Structural Shoring
Waste Segregation & Disposal
Recycling & Salvage
No-Fume Interior Sawcutting
Remote Controlled Demolition Equipment
Sector H Demolition
Spokane Convention Center
Spokane, WA
Annex Demolition
Wells Fargo Building
Spokane, WA


Current and past projects include:

Project references available upon request.

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