Chelan County Auditorium, Wenatchee, WA
Selective Demolition--October 2005

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Our transfer trailer is ideal for out-of-town mobilizations.

In congested areas, every extra square foot of staging area is appreciated.


Can't have too many ramps.  It was a steep climb coming up out of the basement.  We found a local recycler for the metal scrap.


There was no way to get a scissor lift into this historical structure so we used our scaffolding.


The general contractor did a nice job of shoring.  We took great care to avoid damaging the plaster that was to remain.


Prior to removing the restrooms and dropped ceilings, we had no idea that this area had a beautiful vaulted ceiling too.


We stripped the entire basement, even the plaster on the concrete stem walls.  There was a lot of waste down there! 




Final detailing of the basement concrete removal.  The general contractor handled the dirt excavation for a new stairwell and elevator.