Spokane Convention Center
Selective Demolition--October 2005

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The staging area for our equipment behind the Doubletree Hotel.

Our primary access to the interior.


Our Brokk 250 Robot outside the secondary access.


This lift was a monster.  Note to self: do not use the handrails as a demolition tool.


The new promenade approaches our staging area.


Almost ready to sawcut the 8" tilt-up panel.


Coredrilled, sawcut, and ready to push out.


Everyone enjoyed the show.


Couldn't have asked for a better landing.


The forklift worked well for pushing it out.


All finishes were to be removed.


All non-structural steel framing was removed.


The large operable partition on the left had to remain.


The "smaller" operable wall had to go.


That was one big door header.


We managed to avoid breaking the glass wall.


The slab peeled up easily after our Brokk 250 softened it up with a mushroom bit.


Water misting helped keep the dust down.


Lights? . . . we don't need no stinkin' lights!