Kohl's Department Store

At Former Mervyn's, Northtown Mall, Spokane, WA
Selective & Structural Demolition--Spring 2007

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We stripped the 2nd floor first, and made it a lot easier by creating trailer access.

We moved the trailer periodically to distribute the load.


We dumped right thru a new hole in the canopy.


Waste loadout was a team effort.  We were tasked to strip the entire store to a shell.


A dusty cave.


Tools of the trade.


We had to remove two king-sized escalators.  George enjoys the view.


Making the final disconnect.


Dale lowers the carcass.


Jess enjoys some trigger time


Creating new escalator openings.


We provided a complete shoring package.


Our work nearly complete.


We had to demo some areas manually. 


This part was tedious.


Roof structure demo.