McDonald's, Downtown Spokane
Selective Demolition--Fall 2005

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East side roof structure removal.

Dining area before demo.


We just love putting our containers close.  Our beautiful generator is in the background.


East side ready for new tower.


We had to strip the soffits.


The restroom roof structure removal is done.


All done on the west side.


Ready for a small tower above the drive-thru.


Sure . . . let's block 3rd Avenue . . .


The dining mezzanine neatly stripped.


The floor was stoutly built for two ceramic tile layers and 2" of concrete.


It was manually demolished stick by stick.  The steel beam required "hydraulic" assistance to remove


With a little rigging . . .


 . . . the beam came right out . . .


 . . . with the help of the general contractor's cherry reach forklift.


In the tight quarters we positioned our Volvo, . . .


 . . . rolled off the flatbed, then loaded the beam and some really nice salvaged floor joists.


The V.P. moonlights as an expert operator.


Matt carefully separates the stairs from the wall.


But who will load the debris?


The Brokk 150 assumes menacing posture.


CMU ready for sawcutting.


Two fresh openings.


Still some floor tile to chip off.


Sometimes it's easier to just do things the old-school way.




Other contractors were jealous of our van trailer.