McDonald's N. Division, Spokane
Selective Demolition--July 2005

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The solarium was to be removed.

Included framed walls & roof structure.


We use our 10 cubic yard roll-off container for concrete & CMU waste.


Our Freightliner, and Superintendent Landon Brown in fall protection on the roof.


The HVAC RTU ready to be craned off.


We try to get our equipment as close to the waste stream as possible.  Our skidsteer moves waste floor tile to the smaller container from here.


Our Brokk 150 quickly broke up the slab and foundation.


Our mini-excavator easily extracted the concrete waste.  Our 30 cubic yard container is still receiving "soft" debris.  We protected the asphalt.


All done with the solarium.  Our air compressor cooling off on a hot summer day.


The entire drive-thru structure was to be removed.


Roof tiles removed from drive-thru.  Our generator chained to compressor for some theft protection.


Mission accomplished.  Some mansard parapet framing removal still necessary.


Soffit removal was a tedious manual process.


Uhhh . . . this is not a good thing.


Now for the hard part.  The ceramic tile was directly adhered to the CMU walls.


And the ceiling was double layered with loads of loose insulation to snow down on us.


Detailing the ceiling and walls.


All done except for floor tile.


No more solarium.


We had to use our hydraulic hand saw to cut the basement slab for plumbing trenches.


We cut the slab for electrical trenches and the CMU wall for a new opening.


Floor tile removal was often a team effort.


This was some of the toughest floor tile we've ever worked on.  Nothing seemed to work.


Our meanest tools just bounced off it.


The boss tests out an extreme method--the ole 60 pound jackhammer.  It didn't work very well.




Ready for the next job.