Shadle Park High School

Spokane, WA
Selective & Structural Demolition--Summer/Fall 2007

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We removed the old indoor pool structure.

Billy (left), Nakia, and Dale take lunch.


We stripped the gymnasium.


The exit path for the gymnasium waste was across the basement roof.  Our job trailer is in the background.  Ray operates the skidsteer.


We'll be removing this mezzanine floor completely after stripping the CMU.


Matt Maize demo'd the CMU old-school style---with a sledge hammer.


There was an immense quantity of debris to haul away from the old pool house structure.



Monte supervises the loading of our rock tub.

Much of the main gym is to be stripped to a structural shell.

About a month later . . . Nakia moves our excavator into position to strip the top of a "tunnel" due for demolition.


Dale (left) and Nakia discuss demolition of the "tunnel" and document existing defects in adjoining construction.


A view of the "tunnel" to be demolished.


Dennis (right rear) operates our wall saw to trim off some unwanted concrete.


George (center standing on slab) supervises a crew doing some difficult mechanical demo around live utilities.

Waste loadout is a team effort with two of our skidsteers.  Nakia operates our excavator in the background.


Our work stripping the gymnasium nearly complete.

We'll begin heavier demo in the basement soon using our mini-excavator.


Some of our crew take a lunch break.


Matt Spencer troubleshoots a problem with the electrical circuit feeding some of our equipment.